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  • Model No.: 
  • Size: 
     188 x 20mm
  • Material: 
  • Logo Option: 
     silkscreen, laser engraved
  • Color: 
     Pink, Orange, Blue, Green, Black
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Three-dimensional metal buckle wrist lanyard U disk, visual effects, color, feel very good, nontoxic, fashionable, high-end fashion. This product can effectively waterproof, drop and dust-proof, anti-electromagnetic difficult to break, a unique one-piece design, no cover out of fear, can be customized according to customer requirements, and according to customer needs, design and manufacture many styles, diverse of fashion items! do different accessories, different sizes, different LOGO, etc., a variety of purposes, rich colors, can be used as an advertising promotion, sophisticated and easy to use, 100% satisfied customers.

How to fluorescent technology to women's wrist U disk production?

Mini U disk manufacturers introduced fluorescent Also as "fluorescent" refers to a photoluminescence phenomenon of luminescence. When some substance at room temperature by a certain wavelength of the incident light (usually ultraviolet light or X-ray) irradiation, the absorption of light energy into the excited state, and immediately decays and emits a wavelength longer than the incident outgoing light (typically wavelengths visible light); and once stopped the incident, luminous phenomenon also will immediately disappear. Of this nature on the outgoing light is called fluorescence. In daily life, people often broadly to a variety of faint light is called fluorescence.

While the mini U disk wrist band can print a variety of cartoon characters, zodiac animal prints can be done, it can also be designed into their own company or enterprise LOGO according to customers.

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