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Brandy Promotional Wooden Card USB Flash Drives For Marketing Campaign

  • Model No.: 
  • Size: 
     90mm x 54mm x 5mm
  • Material: 
  • Logo Option: 
     silkscreen, laser engraved
  • Color: 
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Brandy Promotional Wooden Card USB Flash Drives For Marketing Campaign

Martell is a famous brandy brand in France. This high-end VIP membership usb gift card is made of wood, with thickness of 5mm. So it is not as slim as other plastic business card usb flash drives. The high-end wood card usb thumb drives are produced by Yousan company. With professional design and excellent production, the usb cards are loved by clients very much. 

Especially the high-grade wood and round corner design(which will not hurt people's hands) add to the noble sense of the usb card. Moreover, in order to meet the perfect visual of the cards usb, we paint the wood surface with a kind of yellow oil, then print client's logo on the yellow layer. Very smart arrangement and with black logo printed on it the effect turns out very impressive when seeing the real products. Really really excellent advertisement for Martell.

Why clients love business card shaped usb flash drives? There is an undoubted reason: the print area is big, there are enough space for clients to display their vivid advertisement and information on the card shaped usb flash drives. Another reason, credit card usb is exact the size of bank card, people can put the business card usb thumb drives directly in their wallet and bring everywhere freely.

Martell (Martell) is a famous French cognac brand, founded in 1715, through continuous research and exploration for centuries, from dedication to innovation, the pursuit of perfection and create their own independent personality, Martell formed its unique expertise in winemaking, wine its relentless pursuit of art, created its elegant aroma, aftertaste far superior taste.

The product "brandy brand Martell high-end VIP membership wood card usb giveaways are produced by Yousan company, and the photos are also taken by Yousan, copyright was belonged to Yousan, prohibited reproduced, others who copy Yousan's photos without authorization, Yousan has the right to pursue legal responsibilities.

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