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What Kind Of USB Flash Drives Are Suitable For Photographic Studio?

What kinds of usb flash drives are suitable for photography studio? USB flash drives gifts are ideal promotional gifts is known to us all. Photographic studio also would like some usb flash drives for their clients. We have lots of similar clients, who are looking for promotional usb items for their photographic studio, according to their demand, we think below models are the most popular models:

Transparent Glass Jar Shaped USB Flash Drives

The usb is unique, it is a glass jar shape, the body of the jar is made of transparent glass, and the usb connector is in the wood cork. On the glass Jar can print with client's logo, such as this sample, we print the white and black logo on the bottle for client.

Upscale Leather And Metal USB Flash Drives

The material Leather is loved by many people, when saying Leather, people will think of upscale, good quality, elegant...... So, our leather usb flash drives are also ideal choice for photographic studio clients.

Personalized Transparent Crystal USB Flash Drives

The crystal usb flash drives are fashion, in people's eyes, the photographic studio is also very fashion, they supply all kinds of fashion shots, it will impress their clients by giving them a personalized crystal usb flash drives as free gifts with photos preload inside the usb flash drives.

Red Wood USB Flash Drives With Wood Packing Box

Wood usb flash drives are green, eco-friendly material, also loved by photographic studio. When people come to photographic studio for photo shots, they always want some media to copy their photos. Or, they maybe extra demand, they want more custom usb flash drives for their wedding or party or Memorial Day, they are not able to find suitable suppliers for this kind of usb flash drives. They may ask the photographic studio for help. It will be helpful if the photographic studio can do this big favor for them. Then clients will think the photographic studio is special with such extra service, they will be repeat customers.

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